Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Our Environment is in Danger

The ocean's natural environment we all cherish is being contaminated daily by oil spills, litter, and other various pollutants that destroy plant life and countless species that inhabit the ocean. 

The list of sea creatures that are endangered is escalating in numbers, with harmless creatures washing up on the shores drenched in oil, all due to the fact of human error and irresponsibility. 

Plastic bottles float in a formation the size of an island. It's all quite sad, but collectively I believe we can make a difference just by going about our business as normal but making some greener alternatives.

Here are some excellent ways to be eco-friendly at the beach: 

Leave the plants and wildlife by itself. While it is tempting to explore some of the intriguing creatures of the ocean a bit more closely it is best to leave them be. Keep in mind, you are a visitor and that is their house.

Keep off the dunes! You know those bridges or walkovers with steps leading to the beach? They have been built there to keep people off of the dunes that can be worn down over time by foot traffic. The dunes are a natural defense for the land against storm waves that also help protect against erosion. 

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. This mantra applies to any part of leading a greener life but it shouldn't stop when you go to the beach. If we litter our valuable beaches there will be nothing left to appreciate and all of that fascinating sea life will be long gone. 

Bring reusable items: Cups, cutlery, cloth napkins, etc. Don't bring glass or plastic bottled products. Instead bring a thermos with your favorite summertime beverage.

If you must use disposable items, use recycled plastic products. Healthy supplements like somatropin for sale are known to use recycled products 

Take this a step even further and only purchase recycled plastic beach furnishings. Adirondack chairs, one of the most comforting chairs to sit in by the beach, now come in recycled plastic. The recycled plastic is much better than wood and made of post consumer plastic waste. They come in many fun colors, and styles, and are very portable. You can get just about any style of patio and Adirondack furniture.


Sunday, October 4, 2015

Ground Breaking Ideas

The ground breaking ideas of these innovative environmentalists, engineers, and scientists can be seen in action all over the world through a variety of states and countries alike. Inventions of new wave equipment that uses natural renewable materials from the earth, as well as available power from the sun, have made it likely to cut back on the human dependency of fossil fuels and other extra commodities.

By using wind, h2o, geothermal, solar, alcohol from plants, and other sources of energy, businesses along with residential homeowners are able to use various pieces of equipment that do not require fossil fuels.

In addition to decreasing requirements, alternative energy solutions can also be incredibly beneficial to the atmosphere and the Earth itself by reducing the amount of pollutants that are released into the atmosphere.

Unlike renewable resources, fossil fuels such as oil give off substantial amounts of toxic pollutants into the air when they are being burnt for use, which can lead to acid rain, greenhouse gases, and other hazardous problems that can be harmful to any forms of existence.

Alternative energy solutions have led to the development of solar panels that can be used to power street lights, school zone lights, houses, landscaping lights, and other devices that need electrical energy in order to properly function.

Small scale panels are used to meet the needs of domestic consumers who chose solar energy as their fuel source, however if an entire residential community needs a power source, constructing a solar panel farm would be the solution.

By using light the sun is projecting, solar panels harness the power and then convert that into a usable supply of energy that thousands of homes or business can operate off of, depending on how big the solar panel farm is.

A couple of other alternative energy solutions that use natural resources of the earth are windmills and hydropower, both of which separately obtain power from separate types of natural forces.

Windmills harness the force of wind by simply changing the cycling force of its turbine blades into power, which can then be distributed to end-users of any kind.